Sauti Za, Busara, Zanzibar

Every February, Zanzibar hosts one of Africa’s most revered music festivals, known as Sauti Za Busara – Swahili for “sounds of wisdom”.

The event brings together people from around the world to celebrate African music under African skies.

In an exclusive interview with The Citizen at the Ngome Kongwe, the Minister of State in the Second Vice President’s Office, Mr.  Mohammed Aboud Mohammed said,

“This festival helps in strengthening Zanzibar’s Culture which is unique in its own way in today’s world and also galvanizes the economy through tourism as it connects different countries”.

“It is a forum where several nations come together through the power of Busara. It is not just a festival, it is a meeting place where business deals are made and different collaborations are borne as Zanzibar gets to collaborate with other parts of the world”.

photo: zanzinews

The Music Africa Magazine described the 2017 edition of the festival as “an electric gathering of live acts from across African Continent held under the Theme #AfricaUnite.

The festival and its organizers brought together African artists and fans from around the globe in the face of divided world where right – leaning politicos are increasingly looking inwards.

Sauti Za Busara is an annual four – Day celebration of African music in Stone Town, Zanzibar with about 40 bands of which 50 per cent are locals, with over 400 artists presenting their music sounds on three different stages to the huge crowds.

It is on record that “Six Thousand festival goers” from different nationalities, flocked nightly to the Old Fort, there in Stone Town, where the atmosphere was described as being ‘electric’.

According to the Festival Director, Yusuf Mahmoud, through the language of music, SzB showed the world, Africa is positive, full of fire, joy, culturally rich and diverse”. As a result of the festival, people in Zanzibar and across the world, witnessed the power of music to promote peace, friendship and unity.

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