Hogbetsotso Festival

The Hogbetsotso festival is celebrated by the chiefs and people of Anlo in the Volta region of Ghana.

The festival which is usually celebrated on the first Saturday of the month of November every year, is used by the Anlos to commemorate the exodus and the bravery of their traditional rulers who through endurance and sacrifice delivered them from the despot king Togbe Agorkoli of Nortsie in the present – day Togo.

The celebration involves a peace-making period during which all disputes are resolved amicably. This is followed by the purification of the ceremonial stools, where the Ewe believes their ancestral spirits reside, through the pouring of libations.

The entire villages are swept and all rubbish burnt. This general cleaning begins at the Volta Estuary and ends several days after at the Mono River in the Republic of Benin.

The Agbadza traditional dance of the Anlo people that involves a vigorous performance during the Durbar is a prominent feature of the Hogbetsotso festival.  The climax of the festival involves a Durbar of the chiefs and people of Anlo.

The chiefs usually dress in colorful traditional regalia and receive homage from their subjects. The people generally entertain themselves with various forms of dancing, singing and assorted local delicacies.

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