Mombosa Carnival

The Mombosa carnival according to report is the biggest and most engaging festival in Kenya and is organized by the Ministry of Tourism.

The event which usually takes place in the month of November resolves around two parades which converge on Moi Avenue with Mombosa’s multicultural communities represented by floats, costumes, music and dance.

Mombosa itself is Kenya’s second largest city and commands great attention as the host of East Africa’s largest coastal port.

Presently, the Mombosa festival is a fusion of traditional and contemporary performances from artists drawn across the region. Local bands electrify the streets atmosphere with various sounds to which traditional dancers perform with vigor and unequal energy.

The Kikoy and Kanga traditional attires are won by many with the Swahili maxims boldly printed at the hem.

The climax of the event involves an interesting boat regatta on the Indian Ocean as the Procession march down to Fort Jesus to the beach.

Street stalls are usually handy to serve participants with assorted local brews like “Mmazi” – a preparation from coconut sap, and “Madafu” – fresh coconut milk.

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