Ignorance: Africa’s Biggest Challenge Hammers Little Chogtaa

Little Chogtaa from northern Ghana who was born with rare blue eyes is a victim of ‘ignorance’.

According to report by Ismail Akwei, this unusual blue eyes among black descent is a rare genetic disorder called “Waardenburg syndrome”. it comes with varying degrees of deafness, minor body defects and pigmentation changes.

Ghanaian model and entrepreneur Afi Antonio met with the Chogtaa’s mother at a clinic where the bubbly girl was undergoing checkup for her hearing loss.

The mother told Antonio that they drew a lot of negative attention from family and community who believed that Chogtaa was ‘cursed, while her mates branded her a doll.

“Her mum says, she remembers a herbal doctor telling her once that you have gonorrhea while pregnant you give birth to such a child. She was actually telling the people seated at her clinic. She laughed and didn’t say anything.”

Antonio narrated their story on social media while raising funds to support Chogtaa to undergo surgery for her hearing loss.

Like Albino which despite extensive education and massive campaign many among Africans still regarded as ‘curse’, Antonio has this advise to give,

“Waardenburg syndrome is not a curse, there are thousands of people living with this condition all over the world. Let’s take some time to read about it and help educate other mothers and family members who might not be aware of it.”

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