President George Weah of Liberia Announces 25% Cut in Personal Wages


The newly elected Liberian President George Oppong Weah, has announced a cut in his personal salary and allowances by 25%, during a nationwide address in which he reminded the people that there could tough time ahead as the country is currently ‘broke’.

“The state of the economy my administration inherited leaves much to do and to be decided”

“Our economy is broken; our government is broke. Our currency is in free fall; inflation is rising. George said.

“Unemployment is at an unprecedented high and our foreign reserve is at all-time low.

Weah during inauguration had vowed to crackdown on corruption, but since winning the election last December he is perhaps gradually coming to terms how daunting the task of governing the poor, coastal west African country could be.

“In view of the rapidly deteriorating economy, I’m informing you today, with immediate effect, that I’ll reduce my salary and benefits by 25%, Weah said, promising to channel the saving to a development fund for Liberia.

It is believed that the 14 years civil wars in Liberia and the recent Ebola disease outbreak in 2014 and 2016, alongside corruption are chiefly responsible for the its poor economy.

Since its independence in 1847, only “people of colour” are constitutionally allowed to become Liberians, as well as own property.

However, the former international football star turn politician, had described the clause as “unnecessary, racist and inappropriate.”

Weah promised to push to allow anyone to apply for citizenship and for foreigners to own property in Liberia.

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