Uwazurike Must be Stripped Naked and Flogged like a Child – OYC Declared


The ohaneze Youth Council, OYC, on Monday February 5, 2018, declared the founder and former MOSSOB leader, Chief Ralph Uwazurike, persona-non-grata.

This came in reaction to Uwazurike describing his kinsmen as the most foolish tribe on earth and saboteur to its own course, while speaking with Punch.

Reacting to uwazurike’s assertion, OYC had in a statement made available through its National President, Mazi Okechukwu Isiguzoro said it receceived with deep shock, “the misguided and rediculous statement credited to the leader of Biafra Independent Movement, and former MOSSOB leader, Chief Ralph Uwazurike.”

Contrary to Uwazurike’s claim, OYC said Ndigbo is the most enterprising ethnic group in the world.

The Ohaneze Youth Council said their declaration on Uwazurike is an effort to cleanse the mess vomited by him. “As part of our efforts to cleanse this mess from Chief Raiph Uwazurike, we have declared him persona-non-grata in Igbo land.

“He should vacate immediately from Owerri, to perhaps Kano where his paymasters are residing. Failure to do so, he will have himself to blame.

“Ohaneze Ndigbo Youth Council worldwide will strip thief Ralph Uwazurike naked anywhere we catch him if he fail to vacate immediately from Igbo land unti the gods are appeased.

“This will serve as example to other shameless self-serving Igbo elders, who are trying to mortgage Igbo land to their Fulani paymasters ahead of 2019 elections.”

“OYC will henceforth not tolerate any rascality by any elder in the South-East.

“It was the same Uwazurike that deceived Ndigbo to against participating in the last population census, that has today made us minorities in the Nigeria project.

“We call on Ndigbo to ignore this ridiculous statement credited to Ralph Uwazurike, and urge anybody, especially the youths who sees Uwazurike to strip him naked and give him 36 strokes of cane as a reward for over 2000 youths that died during his reign as MASSOB leader before his expulsion.”

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