The Dangers of Using Tramadol for Sex, ‘highness’ by Men – Expert

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It is a common knowledge that most men the world over are experiencing low libido and consequently resulting to the use of various medications and substances for help.

However, a Consultant Pharmacist, Dr Clever Okeke, has warned that the use of Tramadol for ‘highness or delayed ejaculation during sex could lead to depression or irrational behaviour.

Dr Okeke said even though  Tramadol is meant for the treatment of severe pains, it is sometimes abused because of the euphoric feelings that comes with its use.

“Tramadol belongs to the group of analgesics called Opiods Analgesics. It is the lowest in the class of Cocaine.

“It has a very strong analgesics effect which is used for strong or severe pains.

“But you find that because of the Opiod effect the – euphoric effect – which is one of the side effects, it makes the user feel high.

“The pain goes away but the euphoria remains,” Dr Okeke told NAN.

He said that some users may be tempted to seek out the drug after the completion of the treatment because of the ‘good’ feeling experienced while using it to kill pains.

According to the Consultant, the recommended dose of Tramadol is 50mg to 100mg with a maximum of 200mg in severe cases.

“Anything above 200mg will cause massive euphoric effect,” he added.

Dr Okeke warned that high doses could cause convulsions and seizures.

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