Video: Watch video of JAMB Staff who allegedly said Snake swallowed N36 Million

photo: laila ijeoma

A video showing Philomina Chieshe, the JAMB clerk in Benue State, saying snake mysteriously swallowed a whooping sum of N36million has been released.

The video was released following Chieshe’s denying in an interview with CCN that she never said so and that no body questioned her about the case.

She also said the story is a fabrication and that she wondered why people are personalising the case.

“I wonder why they are personalising the case? I did not say any money was swallowed by a snake.

“Nobody questioned me about that case. I am just a clerk and I serve under Directors who are accounting officers. I wonder why they are personalising the case?” She told CNN.

But contrary to her claim in the interview with CNN, the Sunnews released a video in which Chieshe had told Board members that the money got missing in a “mysterious” way.

“It is a mystery. I myself, whenever I am taking money to the bank I am not able to account for what I got, until my househelp, when we went for confession, in Jos when prayers started,” Chieshe said in the video.

“And she said a lot of things and that she is the one behind what is happening to me at the office.

“That there is a snake that comes mysteriously whenever I opened the safe and swallows the cash.

“Mysteriously, nothing was amounting to what I was having.

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