A Georgian Grandmother Elizabeth Wall, Confessed to Murdering her Daughter-in-law

courtesy: cobb county sheriff's office

A Georgian grandmother Elizabeth “Betsy” Wall on Friday cofessed to killing her daughter-in-law, Jenna, a Kindergarten teacher who was going through a messy divorce suit with the killer’s son, according to PEOPLE.

Elizabeth 64, pleaded guilty but mentally ill to the felony murder in the June 2016 of 35-year-old Jenna Wall, says a prosecutor’s spokeswoman.


Elizabeth traced Jenna to her parent’s house where she was staying during the divorce and shot her four times, after taking her two under aged grandsons outside.

Account of the story according to PEOPLE had it that Elizabeth had developed so much animosity that Jenna was divorcing her son, Jerrod Wall, who worked as an investigator for a district attorney’s office.

Following her plea on Friday, grandmother Elizabeth was sentenced to life in prison. Under the State law she will only be eligible for parole after serving 30years – meaning she will be 94 if she goes out.

Meanwhile her son, Jerrod had since the murder disowned her, saying he never wanted his sons not to have a mother.

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