Kenya: Disappointed Robber demands Refund of Bribe he paid to Police in Court.


A suspected robber shocked so many in the court in Machakos County of Kenya after he requested that the police refund him the bribe they collected from him after initially agreed to quail the case.

According to Daily Nation, Mutinda Kilonzo revealed to the court that he was escorted by police officers to the bank where he withdrew an amount of Sh200,000 and paid to them to fulfill his part of the agreement aimed at his release.

Mutunda Kilonzo is quoted as having told Kithimani Senior Resident Magistrate, Gilbert Shikwe that:

“I was escorted from the police station to KCB Matuu branch in a police vehicle and taken back to custody after withdrawing Sh200,000, which was to be shared between the police officers and the Complainant and settle the case and get me freed.”

To prove that he was he was telling the truth, the suspect reportedly presented a bank slip to the court indicating that he had indeed withdrawn the money on March 8 at 15:59pm

The suspect emphatically said:

“Your honour, now that I have been produced in court, please help me get back the Sh200,000 I gave….because it was meant to secure my freedom.”

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