Kenyan Housemaid Caught on Camera Physically abusing a 1-year-old Baby


Against the African Adage that says “A dog does not chew the bone hung on its neck,” the video footage shared by Saadia Ogle shows a Kenyan Housemaid physically abusing a baby she was contracted to take of.

Saadia who shared the video also warned women to be weary of who they entrust their baby with.

“These are footages of how a i year old baby was physically abused by a caregiver yesterday and day before in Nairobi. The bitter woman ako kwa cell and the case will be mentioned tomorrow. baby has been checked by doctor thanks to God she is okay

Ikifikia hapa bora mtu a resign kazi yake na kulea mtoto/watoto. Mums please be careful of whom you employ to take care of your children and always install secret cameras


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