Teacher, Mother of Four got Suspension Order for having Sex with many of her Students


The teacher, Tiffany Eichler, 36, who is a mother of four, is reported to have told police of several instances of her sexual activities with her students including having sex with one boy twice in the same night.

The married female teacher has been handed a suspension order by the education authorities for allegedly having sex with some of her students in school.

The teacher is under investigation in Canton, Ohio after she went to school officials when some of the pupils and parents reportedly blackmailed her.

PE teacher Tiffany Eichler has been suspended after admitting to having romped with several pupils. She is barred from having contact with pupils and parents and prevented from being on school property.

The mum-of-four is said to have told police of several instances of sexual behaviour with students, including sex with one boy twice the same night – in the back of her car and the basement of his house.

Police files implied Eichler may have given the lad a sexually transmitted disease and he later “reached out to her.”

He apparently told Eichler he needed $180 for antibiotics and told her to leave the cash in a bag near his home.

Eichler told cops she left $100 but he wanted more, including money for a sibling who had learned of their trysts in Canton, Ohio, US.

She also allegedly picked up a youngster near his home and took him to a park to have sex during parent – teacher conferences.

Several other students are reported to have told police detectives their relationship with Eichler started on messaging App such as Snapchat.

No charges have been brought against Eichler, who is on unpaid leave while investigation continues.

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