Linda Ikeji: Nigerians reacts on social media over the Blogger’s pregnancy

A lot Nigerians have taken to social media to express their opinions over the news of the popular blogger, Linda Ikeji’s pregnancy.
Most people expressed disappointment especially as she had always preached against pre-marital sex.
However, others opined that Linda is of age and therefore should be allowed to lead her life and that her preaching was merely counselling young girls against sex for money.




According to a Twitter user, ife_luv12,
“I’ve always said this, dón’t follow/believe what you see on this app. rather think about you you want for yourself and follow it. our dearest advocate for celibacy…Linda Ikeji is expecting a baby, congrats to her.
But Princess pepisko pepeye on her handle, @missigho thinks differently,
“But Linda was never an advocate for celibacy. All she preached is that young girls shouldn’t sleep around for money. Why do you people always have to come up with these hot takes that make no sense.
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