Babies of Unwanted Seed planted by passing Chinese workers in African Women


In the quest to develop the continent, African government has over the years opened its doors to the Asian migrants particularly the Chinese.

However, these Chinese who are largely temporary migrants as construction workers has found a hubby outside their job – Planting seeds of unwanted children in African women.


Investigations revealed that a number of young unsuspecting African girls have fallen victim to the randy genitals of these fleeting Chinese workers who father children in Africa only to abandon them to return to China after a year or two.

Ismail Akwei reports that, “Mining towns in Ghana, communities around the Karuma construction dam site in Uganda and the Thika road construction site in Kenya among amny other communities around the continent have hundreds of Chinese-looking babies of African women and girls without fathers.”

A BBC Pidgin documentary in April revealed that many young women were stuggling to take care of their mixed-raced children left behind by Chinese illegal miners in Dunkwa in Central Region.

The report also showed that about 4,500 Chinese miners were in these areas until government crackdown in 2013 against illegal mining activities that were destroying river bodies and vegetation. However, the children were most affected as they faced stigmatization while their mothers were ridiculed in their poor communities.

“When my daughter gave birth, we discovered that the child was Chinese-looking. We attempted to find the father of the boy but the Chinese had left,” said Wofa K, the grandfather of a four-year-old Afro-Chinese boy called Evans Kofi China.

The mother said she finds it difficult raising the boy because she can’t afford body and hair lotion which are expensive.

Another mother Afua whose 7-year-old daughter Ama is Afro-Chinese, she girl was raised by her Chinese father for two before returning to China. Afua however, remains hopeful her daughter’s father will return someday to take care of her and end their mockery.



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