Actress Hally Berry Lashes Out After A Man Accuses Her Of Sexually Assaulting Him

Hally Berry has been accused of sexual assault by a man but she has hit back at him by saying she’s never met him.

The Oscar-winning actress took to Instagram yesterday to lash out at the man making the sexual assault allegations. The man claims that he bumped into Halle at a party, and Halle attacked him by grabbing his genitals.

When Halle saw the accusation, she immediately responded, saying:

I don’t know you, bruh. And you don’t get to make comments about me like this. I have never met you, nor have I ever disrespected anyone the way you have suggested. Now get a life and get the f— off my page with that bullsh–. Peace chicken grease.”

After Hally’s response, Wilson made his Instagram page private. He has not followed up on his accusations.

Hally Berry lashes out after man accused her of sexually assaulting him

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