Nicki Minaj Allegedly Believes Cardi B Wants To Kill Her After A shoot Out At A Video Set

Nicki Minaj believes that Cardi B, or people associated with her, tried to assassinate her on the set of her new music video.

On Friday, at about 10:25 PM, police got a “shots fired” call and raced to the home. It was a Beverly Hills home where Tekashi 6ix9ine was shooting a music video with Kanye West and Nicki Minaj.

At the time, most people believed the shooters were aiming at controversial rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine. But there are now reports that Nicki Minaj’s team are worried the bullets might have been meant for her and they suspect Cardi, or her supporters may be responsible.

MTO News claims that one of Nicki’s trusted friends said to them, “Maybe that bullets were meant for Tekashi, but maybe it was meant for Nicki. [Cardi B] has a lot of crazy people around her.”

Also, according to TMZ, the bullets were fired towards what would have been Nicki Minaj’s dressing room. Luckily Nicki wasn’t on set yet. Sources close to the production told TMZ that at least one bullet, possibly more, pierced the window of the master bedroom where Nicki and her crew were set to chill during the video shoot

Nicki Minaj allegedly believes Cardi B tried to assassinate her following shoot out on music video set

Production was halted following the and the crew was shaken up. Detectives are now reviewing surveillance video.

Angelique Kidjo Featured At The 2018 Africa Festival Wuerzburg, Germany [Photos]


It was thirty years ago when Dr Stefan Oschmann and Ali Schuster, two young German men, initiated the International Afro Roots Festival, popularly known as  International Africa Festival, with the aim of bringing the music and culture of Africa to Germans.

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The story of the event, which has meanwhile become the biggest of its kind in Europe and last year attracted more than 100,000 visitors, began in the early 1980s. Oschmann and Schuster had attended a concert in Amsterdam at which the band Africa Soli performed. The two Germans were so fascinated with the rhythms and dancing of the group that when they returned home they were determined to organise a similar concert in their native Wuerzburg, in the state of Bavaria. They tried to find a promoter to organise the event but were unsuccessful.

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Convinced that such a concert would find acceptance in Wuerzburg, they took matters into their own hands. In 1988, they finally brought Africa Soli to the city. The concert’s resounding success far exceeded Oschmann and Schuster’s already high expectations. With the evidence that Germans were really open to African music, the duo organised the first Africa Festival on 9-11 June 1989 at which N’Gewel Saf Sap from Senegal headlined, performing to a crowd of 600 fans.

The open stage at the Africa Festival – Afro Project e.v.

Thirty years down the road, Wuerzburg has not only become the No 1 Africa-focused cultural event in Europe, it has also inspired the annual summer season of African festivals celebrated across the continent with various events, including live music concerts.

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For the past 29 years, Africa Festival has played host to the heavyweights of African and Caribbean music and provided a unique theatre for the meeting of continent and its diaspora. Many artists have gone from Wuerzburg to achieve spectacular international success.

Over 6750 musicians and artists from 56 African and Caribbean countries have performed in Würzburg so far and more than 2,320,000 visitors have attended the annual fiesta.

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According report by Vivian Asamoah, Afro Project, the non-profit outfit that organises the annual event, put together a special programme to mark the silver jubilee of the festival from 31 May to 3 June 2018.

Heavyweights billed to entertain fans of African music in Wuerzburg this year include legendary Manu Dibango, Habib Koité, Salif Keita, Fatoumata Diawara, Lokua Kanza, Angélique Kidjo and Alpha Blondy.

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In all, more than 100 artistes gave a good account of themselves at the Mainwiesen, the venue of the festival on the bank of the River Main.

Apart from music, Wuerzburg featured bazaars, workshops, film programmes, art exhibitions, podium discussions and other activities that all turned the town into a veritable African cultural experience.

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photo: Zulemax

Watch Video of Beyonce’s Love Drought depicting the Tragic but Resilient Igbo Slaves who Committed Mass Suicide off U.S Coast in 1803

The stories of slave resistance, many of us know, have to do with bloodshed, violence, and destruction. But there are other acts of resistance whose stories are worth being told.

Take that of ‘The Igbo Landing’ also called the Ibo Landing, Ebo Landing, or Ebos Landing.

The Igbo Landing is a historic site at Dunbar Creek on St. Simons Island, Glynn County, Georgia. It is the site of one of the largest mass suicides of enslaved people in history. Historians say Igbo captives from modern-day Nigeria, purchased for an average of $100 each by slave merchants John Couper and Thomas Spalding, arrived in Savannah, Georgia, on the slave ship the Wanderer in 1803.

Igbo Landing Site

The chained slaves were then reloaded and packed under the deck of a coastal vessel, the York, which would take them to St. Simons where they were to be resold. During the voyage, approximately 75 Igbo slaves rose in rebellion. They drowned their captors and caused the grounding of the ship in Dunbar Creek. The Igbo were known by planters and slave owners of the American South to be fiercely independent and more resistant to chattel slavery.

According to Professor Terri L. Snyder, “the enslaved cargo “suffered much by mismanagement,” “rose” from their confinement in the small vessel, and revolted against the crew, forcing them into the water where they drowned”. Led by their chief, the Africans then marched ashore, singing. At their chief’s direction, they walked into the marshy waters of Dunbar Creek, committing mass suicide.


Roswell King, a white overseer on a nearby plantation called Pierce Butler plantation, is the first to have recorded the incident. He and another man identified only as Captain Patterson recovered thirteen bodies. The others remained missing, and some are believed to have survived the suicide episode.

For centuries, some historians have cast doubt on the event, suggesting that the entire incident was more folklore than fact. But a post-1980 research verified the accounts Roswell King and others provided at the time using “modern scientific techniques to reconstruct the episode and confirm the factual basis of the longstanding oral accounts”.

The site was designated as a holy ground by the St. Simons African American community in September 2012. The Igbo Landing is also now a part of the curriculum for coastal Georgia schools.

The Igbo Landing has come to occupy great symbolic importance in local African American folklore. The mutiny and subsequent suicide by the Igbo people have been called the first freedom march in the history of the United States and local people claim that the Landing and surrounding marshes in Dunbar Creek were haunted by the souls of the dead Igbo slaves.

There are myths of “the water walking Africans”: “Heard about the Ibo’s Landing? That’s the place where they bring the Ibos over in a slave ship and when they get here, they ain’t like it and so they all start singing and they march right down in the river to march back to Africa, but they ain’t able to get there. They gets drown,” one Floyd White, an elderly African-American interviewed by the Federal Writers Project in the 1930s, said.

There is also the “myth of the Flying Africans” where people report that the Igbos flew to Africa. Wallace Quarterman, an African-American born in 1844 who was interviewed in 1930 about the Igbo Landing said, “Ain’t you heard about them? Well, at that time Mr. Blue he was the overseer and . . . Mr. Blue he go down one morning with a long whip for to whip them good. . . . Anyway, he whipped them good and they got together and stuck that hoe in the field and then . . . rose up in the sky and turned themselves into buzzards and flew right back to Africa. . . . Everybody knows about them”.

So powerful is this story of resistance that it is often referred to in African American literature. Writer Alex Haley recounts it in his high acclaimed book, Roots, and it was the basis for Nobel laureate, Toni Morrison’s, novel, Song of Solomon. Visual artists have also paid tribute to the Igbos who endured this event. Below is Jamaican artist, Donovan Nelson’s illustrations paying tribute to the event. They are on display at the Valentine Museum of Art.

Contemporary artists like Beyonce have also depicted and paid homage to the Igbo Landing in their work. In the recent wildly acclaimed Marvel comic film, Black Panther, Killmonger, played by actor Michael B Jordan, refers to this event, saying,”Bury me in the ocean with my ancestors who jumped from ships, ’cause they knew death was better than bondage”.

“Invoke The Constitutional Powers Against Buhari, Heaven Won’t Fall” – Reno Omokri Tells Saraki, Dogara

Reno Omokri, a vocal critic of the Buhari led government tweeted this following the resolution of the Joint National Assembly Members took yesterday to invoke their constitutional powers against President Buhari if he does not call the security chiefs and other officials in the presidency to order.
Earlier the Joint Session of the National Assembly had met in a closed door meeting that lasted for about three hours and passed a vote of “No confidence” on the Inspector General of Police and urged President Buhari to check his excesses.
Below are the 11 point resolution passed by the National Assembly:
“The joint session of the national assembly in closed session resolved that the security agencies must be given a marching order to curtail the killings of Nigerians across the country and protect the lives and properties of Nigerians. This is the primary responsibility of any responsible government.
“Two, The systematic harassment and humiliation by the Executive of perceived political opponents, people with contrary opinions including Legislators and Judiciary by the police and other security agencies must stop..
“Three, There must be strict adherence to the Rule of Law and protection for all citizens by the President and his appointees.”  The lawmakers urged President Buhari to take responsibility for the actions and decision of his appointees.  They further charged him to desist from being selective in his anti-corruption war.
“Four, the President must be held accountable for the actions of his appointees and must be ready to sanction those that carry out any act which will ridicule or endanger our country and democracy.
“Five, the Government should show sincerity in the fight against corruption by not being selective also prosecute current appointees that have cases pending against them..”
Mr Saraki also announced that he and his colleagues resolved to involve international organisations in their demands while calling on the executive to bring to book hoodlums who stole the Senate mace.
“Six, the sanctity of the National Assembly should protect and preserve the Federal Government of Nigeria by not interfering in its business and prosecuting those who invaded the Senate to seize the mace.
“Seven, (a) The National Assembly should liaise with International Communities through the IPU, APU, ECOWAS, CPA, Parliament, Pan African Parliament, EU, UN, US congress and UK Parliament to secure our democracy.
(b) “Democratic elections must be competitive and inclusive by removing the present reign of fear and intimidation particularly as we approach the forthcoming 2019 elections”.
“Eight, the National Assembly will work closely with Civil Society Organisations, Trade Unions and NGOs to further deepen and protect our democracy”
“Nine, he President must take immediate steps to contain the growing level of unemployment and poverty in Nigeria especially now that we have advantage of the oil price having risen to $80 per barrel”.
While supporting its leadership, the lawmakers passed a vote of no-confidence on IGP Idris.
Mr Idris for three consecutive times failed to honour the Senate invitation to give explanation on security situation in the country and treatment of a senator, Dino Melaye.
“Ten, both chambers of the National Assembly hereby pass a vote of confidence on the Senate President and the Speaker of the House of Representatives and the entire leadership of the National Assembly.”
“Eleven, we reaffirm our earlier resolution of vote of no confidence on the Inspector General of Police who does nothing other than preside over the killing of innocent Nigerian and consistent framing up of perceived political opponents of the President and outright disregard for constitutional authority, both executive and legislative.
The lawmakers threatened to invoke their constitutional powers if Mr Buhari fails to heed to their resolutions.

Nollywood Actress, Charity Nnaji reveals How Most Celebrities Got Their Baby Mamas

Popular Nollywood actress cum producer who recently claimed that BBNaija female Housemates get rich by sleeping with politicians, has said most baby mamas are a product of one night affair.
The Abuja – based star told Vanguard that a popular musician told her “how he was drunk after performing on a stage only for him to return to his hotel room and the host of the show had a girl waiting for him in his room.


“What happened thereafter, he said he could recall but knew he actually made love that night but could not tell if he came inside the girl or not. One month later, he told me the so-called girl called him to inform him she was pregnant.
“This is how most baby mamas in the entertainment industry came to be. Most of them are a product of one night stand. This is not the only case I know, there are many other cases.


Waje releases a new single titled “Need Each Other”. This comes ahead of her upcoming EP scheduled to be released later in the year.

Produced by Sizzle Pro, the song comes just in time for Nigeria’s democracy celebration.

“Need Each Other” is a song that promotes positivity, hope, peace, togetherness, and strength. The captivating track would leave you inspired to show love to people even in their low moments. In the chorus, Waje sonorously sings: “Don’t turn back on brother, don’t turn back on sister, baby we all need each other”.

Need Each Other can resonate with anyone; young or old. It has a mid-tempo vibe that will keep music loverssinging along to the catchy tune.


Talented rapper snd singer, Mo’Cheddah & Fiancé, Prince Bukunyi are getting married today.

The popular Nigerian singer, Modupe-Oreoluwa Oyeyemi Ola aka Mo’Cheddah and her long time boyfriend Prince Bukunyi Olateru-Olagbegi got engaged in 2017, Mo Cheddah confirmed it in an interview where she expressed how excited she was about her new status. In her words:

“I am excited and I have known him for a long time. He is my first boyfriend and now my fiancé! When I am upset, I just look at my ring and I’m like yeah, I am good! This is the happiest time of my life and I cannot wait to see what the future holds,”

Congratulations to the couple who have successfully kept their marriage plans hidden till today.

Falz chides critics of ‘This Is Nigeria’ video

Award-winning rapper, Folarin Falana, better known as Falz, has released a clip in which he addresses the criticisms that trailed the release of his ‘This is Nigeria’ video.

The video, which has been described as a State of the Republic address, is the remake of American singer and actor, Donald Glover’s ‘This is America’ which was released on Saturday, May 5.

Known by his stage name, Childish Gambino, Glover’s video sparked discussions on gun control, racism and violence within the American context.

In a similar fashion, Falz’s video, which was released last weekend and mirrors Glover’s, touches on issued that boggle the Nigerian system, including political hysteria, internet fraud, the state of the economy, insecurity, religion, lack of medical facilities, herdsmen crisis, and others.

However, criticism trailed the Nigerian artiste’s 3 minutes-42 seconds video for following the exact pattern of Glover’s video, employing the same visual concept.

Not one to take the criticism lying down, Falz responded with a 42 seconds clip in which he chided those who have chosen to ignore the message in the song.

“I just dey read comments online and I dey vex. And I dey vex because I dey see people dey talk say falz tha bahd guy is not original. You copied. Hello, do you think I’m not aware that Childish Gambino is the one that sang the original? You think I’ve not seen ‘This is America?’ Dude, that is the point.

“This is supposed to be a remake. It is supposed to be a cover. It is not supposed to be original. I’m not trying to make money off it. Now, the sooner you realise that you are supposed to pick up the message, or the numerous messages on the track , the better for your life, the sooner you start to act accordingly, the better for your own personal life. This is not business. This is a moral instruction. Wake up,” he said.

However, prior to Falz’s response, American rapper, Sean Combs, aka P.Diddy expressed his support for the track when he reposted clips of the video via Falz’s official Instagram page. “Sending love to Nigeria. So many great, beautiful artist changing the game!!!! @falzthebahdguy,” he wrote.

Also, former Education Minister Oby Ezekwesili was full of accolades for the singer’s effort. According to her, having watched the video on the instance of her son, she is more than convinced that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, referencing his activist father, Femi Falana.

“This apple did not fall far from the tree. This activist-artist brilliantly uses his music to fight for a just and good Nigeria. I love Falz’s brand of music. #FanClub,” she tweeted.